A Ballet of Swans

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Observe them drift along rivulets black; as though
sweet thrill being whispered back. The evening swathed
with glimmer of wings; while moon and season blitheness
bring. Our mind thus whirls and heart does sing.

Their beauty fine like Nature’s grace; we lost measure
of both time and place. Our soul secluse much like swan;
who mourns forlorn in dirge of death. The pure eternal
course of life; tied around our bloom and breath.

Flutter of wings at time of dawn;
Our worries lost and fear is gone.



Photo credits: wallpapersend.com

Posted for Poetics @ dVerse Pub


46 Replies to “A Ballet of Swans”

  1. There’s a certain elegance, which Swans have, that your poem, Sanaa, conveys to reader. Only wish, my writing had more of, at times.

  2. Their beauty is fine like nature’s grace! Indeed..swans are among the most graceful of birds. Your poem depicts them well.

  3. Absolutely stunning. They do indeed glide across rivulets of black….so beautifully penned. Such graceful creatures and you’ve penned them so gracefully and gently here. You have a lilt to your writing and your spirit here….beautiful!
    Late to the bar I am….one of our last days in Bermuda and this beautiful place tempts me away from my computer! So glad to read your piece here…….beautiful.

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