A Collection Of Love Poems

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Love. When we think about it we’re instantly reminded of roses, chocolate boxes, gifts and perfume bottles. We are then led deep into imagination of what love signifies and what best defines it. In my short span of adult life I have found that the deepest and perhaps most accurate definition is that love is  explicitly without reason.

It’s known that change in season is likely to affect our mood and behaviour. Moreover, it plays a major role in how we act and respond towards other people. I believe love is no exception and that it too, bears the burden and bliss of seasons; and has effect on people and relationships.

This book contains several love poems which have been divided into four seasons, keeping in mind their tone, mood and imagery. In each season you’ll find yourself entering into a different phase and era, while experiencing intense and myriad emotions. A collection of love poems for all those who are in love, have been in love, or dream of falling in love. 

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