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The moment, their lips bade embrace, like sanguine flowers
inscribed with woe, oh passion throbbedΒ like
wound from a
blade. She reckoned fit and faced her foe, h
is eyes sapphire
set in snow, silence wrought with
music flowed.

“Let love be fire because I’m the spark, my soul propitious I
govern the dark.”Perched ‘neath his austere stare, her heart
cried out withΒ righteous air. “I ask not promise nor offer you
pledge, don’t push me because I’m closeΒ to edge.” His
came out without a breath.

Until the darkest shades of night,
Delirium raised unto its height.


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92 Replies to “Edge”

  1. This is so unusually dark to come from you, love how you did enjambment here… Your poetry keeps getting stronger and stronger.

  2. Such a mysterious feel I get from this…and I love it! The atmosphere is shadowy and I wonder if this is their first chance meeting, or new lovers, or enemies. Love how it rhymes, and flows from line to line. πŸ™‚

  3. This is all kind of good. The poetry is powerful..meter, rhyme, terse, substantial. The force of the words powerful..full of meaning, emotion, magnetism, passion. This is an unforgettable poem.

  4. There is such intensity in this poem… the brightness of the fire, the sharpness of everything. And the last line of the second stanza creates a pause that takes our breath away along with his.

    From the gut.

  5. β€œI ask not promise or
    offer pledge; don’t push
    me cause I’m close to edge

    Even with love where one is expected to be compromising one still needs to be brave lest one ended being bullied. Very true Sanaa,yes!


  6. β€œLet love be fire cause I’m the spark” is a terrific line. While this is darker than you usually write I like it. You got the nitty-gritty of this relationship.

  7. Just a yearling to this thing called poetry writing, I always learn something new on dVerse….as in the meaning of “enjambment.” πŸ™‚
    I especially like the final couplet here!
    Late to reading this time…..but enjoying over my Sunday coffee!

  8. You’ve pushed your talents out further with this one. The rhythm suits the delirium you’ve described and there is a sharpness to the seduction that really works. Quite possibly one of your best – and I know you’re getting even better πŸ™‚

  9. Sanaa, this poem is the kind that one dances to when they are feeling sad and mushy. I loved the play on words and the image of the anguished woman. thanks for sharing.

  10. True opposites
    attract.. and i suppose
    it’s a problem for humanity
    as whole..
    when same
    becomes rule
    instead of different..
    there is alWays beauty
    get together
    perhaps not
    in the arms
    and strength
    of feat iN fearless Love..:)

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