The Vanity of Peace

Peace, is it merely absence of conflict, the downside of twenty-first century living or nothingness that awaits to consume us? I put the city in my rear-view mirror, feel as hearts of passersby turn to dust, they say peace comes from within but what if the mind's blurred by sorrow and pain? The lights dimly [...]

The Dark Night of Soul

Beyond your words there lies a dark world, daring me step into the mists and dreams. I am glued to confusion, a dubious murmur of red alchemy, the devilry of your kiss as outside an uncertain sky bathed in pale October light bears witness.   Photo credits: Pinterest Posted for 'Quadrille #50' @ dVerse Pub [...]

Painting the lily black

Haunted by a deepening gloom the heart aches, Brooding the birth and death of an austere sun. And of earth's perpetual truth that yearly wakes. Painting the lily black I stare into adulterate eyes, Mourn as all around the foliage withers and dies. Bearing weight of disdain, unremembered skies. Then hate me, as sprawling roots [...]

The Stairway of Mind

The gesturing clouds, the echoing foyer, and rhythmic beats of the pulsating heart lead up to the stairway of mind. In the midst of swirling thoughts, I found the answers to life and in a place where the spirit dances learned that assumption was devil's advocate. If I could hold on to reassuring calm, would [...]


The air was thick with anticipation, as they huddled close together, grateful for borrowed breath from world. The clouds swirl about like gauzy curtains, as a series of wild thoughts swam into their heads, as though awaiting unseen winds and spirits. In life we are drawn to everything strange and surreal and at times care [...]

Blue Moon Rising

Tonight the moon though twice its size is sombre, dreary, dour and just like that I felt a heavy sensation that was full of angst- I sat there as it slowly consumed what little brightness was left and then bruised my soul. In desolation I stare at the streets where a thousand die unpraised veiling [...]

Of Poems and Early Mornings

At the blush of dawn put a pen to paper and gather oh restless soul. In the midst of scribbled thoughts let out a deep sigh, breathe in the morning air saturated with dreams and prayer. A poem is a glimpse of murmuring heart.   Photo credits: Pinterest Posted on 'Quadrille #49' @ dVerse Pub [...]

Because it’s my heart

Words are my salvation as I drift in the stream of the world. Often soft and sometimes harsh, my words come straight from the heart, a heart that's like a passing cloud in the sky moving overhead, continually in one direction so as to eventually pass over. Words never die, nor fear wrath of the [...]

Of love and new beginnings

And you'll see them unfolding in snow, consume the woes of cold January sun and my heart would taste our laughter, oh embrace the change brought on by gesturing years. The destined sky was filled with clouds, as I pause and reflect on the emotions weaving the strands of my soul. He was made of [...]

At The Brink Of Night

The hour of grey mists and steady rain sends my thoughts soaring. I am part pain and part longing, reflecting upon the shades of night. The wind whispers a thousand verses, ushering cries of newborns and hopes of estranged lovers. The mystery overwhelms me as I find the words and let them sing. I sought [...]