It is at moments after I have dreamed

Poem inspired by the title of E.E. Cummings poetic masterpiece, “It is at moments after I have dreamed.”

It is at moments after I have dreamed
of dulcet sighs
that accompany the unadulterated appearance of your smile,
that I gladly drown—
nothing is better than luscious lips that offer respite
to a heart
that’s parched like a desert without shade and when a mind is dry
stumbling in pursuits (I am unable to thwart this feeling)
Such a state is mine,
your eyes are viridian, dark with desire
with a golden halo
around the pupil that only seems warmer in certain circumstances–
they give life to my poetic verses.
And I lie here listening to you breathe my name,
I wonder if you realize what it feels like to ache this way?
Distance is terrifying— amaranth lipstick marks on coffee mug emphasizes this;
it is at moments after I have dreamed
that I could write poem
after poem
about wanting you, but you know because you have already read them.
I await the arrival of Summer rain.


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I Loved You First: But Afterwards Your Love

Poem inspired by the title of Christina Rossetti’s poetic masterpiece, I loved you first: but afterwards your love

Moodily, the crepe crescent appears in the sky
perhaps it seeks validation–
this moment that holds significance as I gaze overhead,
it’s been a while.
I loved you first: but afterwards your love outshone mine,
gifting in return songs of innocence
and experience.

There are days when I picture your face
amid the clouds
knowing well the blossoms shake themselves off the tree
where your scent has touched them.
With the dust of sleep upon my eyes I wake,
gentle tremors reverberate under sheets with subtle anguish;
it defies reason,
greyish-blue reflection of sky with bits of moss press urgently
into my hand
as though urging me to align my breath with yours—
allow me to touch you, ever so lightly
your lips hold the universe in their frame;
without you,
the world at large is a hieroglyph corridor, incomprehensible.



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Milk Moon ~ Part Two: Behind the drapes

I prefer the heavy drape of velvet;
turning, transforming into new shades
and permeating
from where it was once touched—a conclusion of sorts.
We speak in tongues
as the moon slowly disintegrates into cloud,
you breathe me in
and I fill your lungs; perhaps this is the real secret of alchemy?
What is hidden and what is no longer concealed
remains a mystery—

I allow familiarity to fall in folds,
like a landscape
peaceful and still; why then the need of ribaldry?
I am dampened by the passing rain, witness
to a world that’s doubly edged.

With my whole body, I taste adherence,
no almond milk in comparison tastes sweeter—
there is a reason
my poetry is written down,

words these words are what lips to you cannot possibly utter;
let them remain behind the drapes,
I observe many things.



Photo credits: N.J Covington, Drapery in Clay

A Skylover Wordlist: Almond, alchemy, landscape 💝

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Lie to me

Lie to me;
with a smiling mouth or pleading,
for even roses
have no trouble, whatsoever, distinguishing between—
I am worth reading,
my dark irises lambent with budding of days to come;
purely theoretical.
A landscape of bruises and hurt was once my domain,
where I sat
unable to discern the dubious murmur of red alchemy,
empty tears,
and implacable sweetness of tales
which sought to degrade deeper truth—can you still trap me?
Come, let your steps be slower, the white in the milk moon
bears witness to.

A sickle or a scythe, as the light hits the ocean
and aqua blue
prepares to move in and construct the atmosphere; lie to me.



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A Skylover Wordlist: Alchemy, landscape, implacable,
aqua 💝

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The Severed Blue Curtain

As I allowed the water to run over my hair,
my gaze fell upon the bit of sky through the severed blue curtain;
restless for a taste of purity.
Perhaps being broken is just an illusion,
though truly the ache attached strikes me as I write this—
like flowers,
like the shift in formation of clouds; are we beyond repair?
And if the light from the twilight sun shines through
the cracks of things,
could it be that we are overlooking the possibility of it being fixed?
Is it a myth?
The curtain dances with the burst of wind that enters,
either we open ourselves to new perspectives
or perceive only
what is visible to the naked eye—
I focus on the slopes brightly illuminated with almond blossoms,
my nocturnal heart
adamant to be itself no matter how hard the state of affairs sting—
broken never existed to begin with.




Photo credits: Mauri Moskowitz, Instagram

A Skylover Wordlist: Nocturnal, almond, sting 💝

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