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I listen to the wind its screaming of change; begging
each in return who don’t count it as strange. The ice
caps melt and the level of sea rise; a voice from the
future bellows out “devise.”

What if rivers turned red and reeked of pain and blood;
by day and night through fields of wreckage, waste and
flood. Oh sour are the trees lest we mend our ways; Lo!
clothed in the shadows of fire, smoke and haze.

Hope in sombre moments had power not to gaze;
As soon with one accord raise your voice on dais.



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Posted for Midweek Motif @ Poets United


32 Replies to “Permutation”

  1. Wow! Feeling flows through it. Once I read that first stanza with “demise’ and a second time with “revise.” But I think you want us to devise a change. Oh those who can see a way are my heroes!

  2. The foolishness of mankind is no more apparent than when we observe his treatment of the planet that could ensure his survival. Sadly greed always wins out. Very expressive poem Sanaa.

  3. Hope in sombre moments
    had power not to gaze;

    With all the power and often calamities that destroy, climatic changes can be vicious. One can only pray they don’t get worse! Beautiful lines Sanaa!


  4. Touching because I believe that as writers we must speak of things that other’s can’t say! Interspersed with our lines of love and flowers which comfort and inspire, we may want to write for those with no voice. You sure did that!

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