I Vary (Not)

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O’ crush not these petals of mine, 
nor tether them in polished glass.
Grow weary not of bounteous sun,
though I’d wither (waste) through
seasons crisp —

O’ pluck not these petals of mine,
believe change is but inescapable.
I vary not ‘neath pressure of blue
storm; rather birth heart-song(s)
with each bud and beginning —



Photo credits: Pixabay

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54 Replies to “I Vary (Not)”

  1. O, yes, cycling with nature, again and again is change that does not vary–but how beautifully you say it! To take steps to preserve would be interfering. Such a truth to contemplate!

  2. I am sure flowers would prefer to wither on the stem than in some alien vase, and continue to enjoy the sun’s rays and ensuring the plant benefits from it. (I am funny that way!) You adeptly dimply that in “birth heart songs with each bud an beginning”.

  3. ” O’ pluck not these petals of mine” we, ourselves, would also wish to be allowed to bloom or fade when our nature calls us to do either. Lovely poem,,

  4. Oh yes, so much packed into two stanzas. I enjoy your projection into Spring, faith in rebirth & rejuvenation. I like how your personalized the flower, made it a spokesperson.

  5. A beautiful write Sanaa, I especially love how you would rather ‘birth heartsong(s) with each bud and beginning’ ?

  6. I love what you did with the title alone. I see an IV that might have air in it, or not. So someone might be about to die. Or if it’s a metaphor, the “air” sent straight into the veins might be saving someone’s life.

    The ending is beautiful. This is my favorite line: “I vary not ‘neath pressure of blue”

  7. I agree with the flower – it belongs outside for that lovely ending:
    ‘I vary not ‘neath pressure of blue
    storm; rather birth heart-song(s)
    with each bud and beginning —’

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