The Blossom Tree

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Beauteous of boughs glimmers neath moon,
with every bud, o’ every leaf seemingly holy.
Let not, its innocence souse in tide or smog,
rather revere with congruous verse —

Allow each sense to immerse, o’ blossom
tree offers release. Let wisdom ignite our
flesh and core, for it’s surely with nature
that one can soothe and heal —


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For my prompt, “Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off
the launching pad” on Friday 27th January at 8:00 am EDT.

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42 Replies to “The Blossom Tree”

  1. Nicely written, Sanaa. It’s a pretty poem. To me it adds up to remind me of our use of flowers and plants to show our feelings. Mourning at funerals, a cheer-up when one is ill or hospitalized, I love you at Valentine’s Day, Bonne Apetite at the dinner table, etc.

  2. The visible world is smogging over, slogged in polluted tides: how to keep a center for beauty in such a world? — “congruous verse” maybe all there remains of the natural divine, imagined wisps still flowering. Amen.

  3. You put a positive spin on a list of quite negative words. It is good to focus in the beauty rather than the bad that surrounds it.

  4. I love the sentiment behind this. I am patiently awaiting warmer days so I can indulge in some of nature’s healing. Really neat use of the words.

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