Apart from the crowd

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It all comes down to what we term as occult
and weird; the struggle to keep in touch with
plausible and real, while some of us see there’s 
no telling whats next, would you follow all that
preached even if mind is found perplexed?

Amid the dull, mundane we appear as odd and
queer; our voice though low at first, in time is
bold and clear. The world at length will chide if
we dare to persevere; care not if echoes squall
upon your throbbing ears.

In empty, mocking thicket plunge sterling spear;
Adopt a path defiant above life of doubt and fear.


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Posted on Midweek Motif @ Poets United

38 Replies to “Apart from the crowd”

  1. Sanaa, I know you were sending me prompts, but my FB has been put on hold as I re-examine my commitment to… all things “weird.” Thanks to you, I am linking up with Poets United on this prompt.

    I love your thoughts here. You seize the words, “odd,” and “queer,” and you bend them to your will. Well done, you! Love, Amy

  2. “In empty, mocking thicket plunge a sterling spear;
    Adopt a path defiant above life of doubt and fear.”,,, Very well concluded, Sanaa! In the end, it is our defiance that redeems us…Loved this poem!

  3. That missing link between the undecipherable and the decipherable. Its grey and weird because we cannot possibly understand, interpret or restrict it within known parameters. You’ve defined the word weird very intelligently.

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