The Year Gone By

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Like a quick dance, shuffle of losses and leaves;
the year passed by. Heaven then taught me how
to love and rhyme as I looked on world with the
glorious sun’s eye.

Though if year gone by was offered me again;
the reverie bewilders and perturbs the mind.
Would accept and waltz through the pleasure
and pain; endure its purpose in the labyrinth
of wind.

Memories flowing with drops of ink;
Weld mind and heart in perfect sync.


Photo credits: Unsplash

Inspiration from “Burning the Old Year” byΒ Naomi Shihab Nye.

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46 Replies to “The Year Gone By”

  1. So lovely, the words you use to make us think. Would we really like to live the past year over again? Or, would just remembering, and writing it down, the good and the bad parts, be enough? I enjoyed reading this very much. πŸ™‚

  2. Interesting that we used similar themes; great minds & all that. As has been stated, your final couplet is killer good, & it is always terrific when one of us finds a poetic path through the maze, a crack in the chaos.

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