The Plain Sense of Things

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the buds and leaves
echo what’s left of longing
as I lie beneath
dark and dismal night.
I wish to drown
what was once harbored
lest thoughts of you kiss
jaded lips
never have I felt you closer
yet so far from me.


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Posted for QuadrilleΒ #65 @ dVerse Pub

And on Tuesday Platform @ Real ToadsΒ 

56 Replies to “The Plain Sense of Things”

  1. Oh, the longing is heartwarming here, with that feeling of being so close and yet so far. I loved this bit: “lest thoughts of you kiss/jaded lips”.
    Hoping that the drowning would lead to a new beginning. Something harbored has to be let go at times after all.
    A thoroughly evocative verse. <3

  2. Becoming unharbored … an interesting concept. Yet, happens to so many. Losing touch with what once anchored them.

  3. A fading romance well portrayed. Really liked this, been there done that. Closeness is habit forming in a way, then one will call a stop with a hint of resuming.
    Thanks for hosting.

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