The skin of the almond,  
which is difficult to digest as a concept,  
don’t get me wrong,  
I know how unnerving it is to give away reins 
to somebody else,  
but humor me this—hasn’t the erotic always  
been easier to discern in its crudest form? 
Just as an almond is prepared, 
soaked in lukewarm water all through the night  
and peeled off in the morning; 
aren’t we better without our defenses? 

The erotic is a measure between the body  
and soul; 
is a songbird known for its lovelier voice, 
metaphorically speaking,  
I always prefer it best  
when the skin comes in contact,  
a blossoming sensation that begins  
at first inside the throat,  
as breath becomes caught in a whirlwind– 
one day, I will whisper them all in his ear, 
so that he knows, 
I am an inhabitant of vertebral column,  
shoulder blades, rib cage  
and bones, it’s a price one pays when besotted. 

I lie awake in the early hours of the morning; 
feel the rays of the sun  
behind shy clouds,  
it’s incredible how he manages to touch  
with just words, 
one would say, there are entire novels etched  
in the small of my back, 
but sometimes, it is simply not enough, 
not really, 
what of fiery exchanges that cause limbs  
to extend, 
carob brown as a thunderstorm  
and at times,  
a few shades lighter—perhaps, he hears  
all that I am unable to express. 

I merely abide, what feels like centuries long 
prelude to lead me into oblivion, 
his lips, a paragraph long from Ella  
Wheeler Wilcox, 
only, she doesn’t know  
that wine pales in comparison— 
I crave them,  
just as parched land does when it doesn’t rain, 
delicately, darkly, and so
an unbearable ache erupts whenever he 
calls me by my name, 
I figure, eroticism would be nothing,  
without a little lament. 
I won’t apologize for thoughts that make way  
when the subject arises. 
The erotic is a measure between…  




Photo credits: Pinterest

Inspired by the title of Kyle Dargan’s poetic masterpiece, “The erotic is a measure between,”
the subject never ceases to amaze 🩷

Posted for Open Link Night #352 – December Live Edition