October beckons

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Watery-white, the moon casts its glow onto the city, the sycamore
maple silhouetted, in the distance, against the obsidian sky. Have you
ever wondered how the moon could be bringing heightened emotions
to surface? Like the sudden blooming of colour that sears through
one’s cheeks, the tide with its waves rolling in and out, its rhythm
as steady as our own— have you noticed how similar the magnetic

I am lonesome, the light from my iPhone much like absent rain not
beating down; slender fingers scrolling through and replying to
misunderstood syllables. Honestly speaking, I find that the moon
senses a tinge of sweetness behind my eyes and in turn lends to fiery
spirit. I am hardly one to pout while seated upon plush furniture; it’s
too much work in my opinion. I’d rather smile my way through the
floodwaters of relating myself to the world.

 Sanguine moon observes,
the rush of blood during a full phase—
heron calls.




Photo credits: Green Bedroom by Richard Tuschman

Frank hosts at dVerse tonight and the word is ‘Moon.’
Come join us! ❤️

Posted for Haibun Monday: To the Moon @ dVerse Poets Pub

40 Replies to “October beckons”

  1. This is so beautifully poignant with evocative shades of sorrow and isolation. But, at the end, there is the theme of moving forward and persevering. Wonderful piece that is so strongly expressed and composed. It is very well-written work.

  2. This could be such a timeless scene of night-writing if it wasn’t for the iPhone… you paint the city so different from what I imagine when often the electric lights would swallow the moon.

  3. I love the way you describe the moon in the opening paragraph, Sanaa, the paradox of the moon’s glow being watery-white, the rhythm of tide and waves, and the silhouette of the sycamore maple. I also like the contrast of tone between the first and second paragraphs, and the way they are linked together by the haiku.

  4. Beautiful wistful opening Sanaa and then the reality of the second paragraph bringing us down to earth and what is going on. I really enjoyed this and your use of language is a joy to read ☺️💕

  5. Your haibun seemed so believable as I read it until I remembered how how much I stretched the truth in my own poetry! There is nothing quite like poetry to relate yourself to the world. This was a great read Sanaa.

  6. This is so intimate and engaging, very honest and real. You put me into yourimagery. So well written Sanaa. And Hopper, oh yes! 😉

  7. ‘ I’d rather smile my way through the
    floodwaters of relating myself to the world.’
    What a fine motto this is!
    A captivating piece of writing: I guess our bodies have their own internal tides.

  8. The moon’s glow, and the iPhone’s; the tides and the heron; the heightened emotions like waves of emotion: these all form such a meditative chain of beauty. I love that the haiku closes with the heron, like a point of calm.

  9. So lovely–with a bit of melancholy.
    We are tied to the moon, and as a woman, that rush of blood made me think of something else.
    I smiled at the heron because I’ve been seeing one often at the park near my house.

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