Berries come to autumnal air;
unaware of blemishes borne by the world,
are we not responsible for what goes on?
Kudos to those who have failed,
failed as leaders, as citizens of the community,
as human— just as it’s unsafe to eat unripe berries
it’s questionable to tread on path,
for this is what happens when social injustice hits fever pitch,
do we dare say what we mean?
I look outside the window and see smoke instead of clouds;
men breaking windshields,
groups setting fire piece by piece, gun violence
and yet witness not change, what is this all about?
To each their grief, we learn not from the past
we stand divided,
trellis with vines so fickle they breathe nor sigh—
a penny for your thoughts,
would you prefer to live on where fruit poisons the eater?
Damages the mind and robs of sight?
Dare we raise our voice against discrimination,
demand what’s right
and leave issues unhanging; my heart weeps
when I hear of rape, of inhumane acts that defy the grounds
of humanity— do we dare raise the volume of television?
A shadow isn’t our face nor dust our ear,
with fire
raging in our hearts we ingest; it’s time that we protest!



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