Worlds apart

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Two different people. Two different lives.
Yet near twilight hour both tend to strive.

‘You are the sun’ I whisper when he looks
at me. His eyes probed deep into my soul.
‘And you are the moon’ he whispers back.
Even though we are worlds apart you are
my life, my love, and undaunted heart.



Photo credits: The Florence Academy Of Art

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76 Replies to “Worlds apart”

  1. I hope Luna doesn’t get burnt by this romance. That Sun has got a fiery temperment, but they do say opposites attract. Beautfully written Sanaa.

  2. You always find the most beautiful pictures to accompany your poems. This is perfect for the paradox of the prompt.
    After all the sun and moon provide the perfect balance.

  3. Very romantic! The give and take may be necessary for lasting love, though I think one doesn’t always exist to reflect the other without return, do you?

    1. Exactly, in order for both to exist their reflections must mirror one another. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment, Susan ❤️

  4. The lines of this piece, powerfully – and beautifully – articulate the harsh reality of the title: worlds apart. Whether it is literal or figurative ‘worlds apart’ is never a good place for lovers.

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