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It felt as though magic sprinkling from
the sun. Wishes and wants bloomed as
though bed of hyacinth and rose. April
arrives carrying more poems than sane
poets could handle. 

Ah! ‘The Fool card’ usually, represents a
new beginning, (and consequently) end
to something in our old life. The fortune
teller flashed a knowing smile.

I gasp at the possibility of heart stirring
information. Holding onto anticipation 
and resolve, prepared to set sail on new
journey without a trace of doubt.



Photo credits: Wallpapers Wide

Posted for Poems in April @ Real Toads

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30 Replies to “Prelude”

  1. This is like a whiff rose perfume, cold and sweet and perfect — what more foolish hope and confidence could we need to embark on this journey? Excited for your travels!

    1. Thank you so much, Brendan 😀 so glad you liked it ❤️

      Thank you for the inspiring prompt. Loved it!❤️

  2. I could certainly see the glint in the fortune teller’s eyes, as if she knew everything there was to know and some of it was going to slightly hysterical but extremely fun. I really like that the speaker is excited about what might come, even if it’s unknown (or, perhaps, because of it).

  3. Get us headed off for a good start here, Sanaa. Best wishes for 30, I hope to travel with you there. You are sooo optimistric, just stay that way, “Holding onto anticipation and resolve, prepared to set sail on newjourney without a trace of doubt.” Thank you.

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