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Until that time when love descends; won’t beam myself
in the light agin darkness. So worn out from hearing web
of lies; they feel truth is something that can be harnessed.
“I envy people who know what’s love. They have one who
takes them as they are. Lo! blind are fools who know not
eyes; some wear their smiles like crude disguise.”

His eyelids droop and head fell low. “You may as well learn
things from me; for love has plunged me deep in woe. Lo!
certain signs among us show; a faithful friend or flattering
foe.” In the land of mist and silver snow; her lips had life’s
most prosperous blow. “Seems love looks not with eyes but
mind; I’ll take your offer sweet and kind.”

She liked his smile and way he dressed;
“My dear Rosalind, surely you jest!”



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56 Replies to “Parley”

  1. Surely you jest — not! Love this. Especially this line: ““I envy people who know what’s love. They have one who takes them as they are.” Unconditional love — a mighty goal and blessed are those who have it, who tender it, who nurture it.

  2. There are masks we wear from carnival until bell is tamed, that in some way explain April and May in the northern hemisphere as needing us near where dancing the rituals between beguiled and awestruck gives us flights of fancy and places we feel most comfortable and secure…

    what a wonderful piece…with such an ease of jumping into the scenery, movement and swirls, music and pearls… 🙂

  3. One of these days, I really hope you read some of your poetry to us. This poem, for instance… There is a dare running through these lines, and power of tone and rhythm. It sounds like a fighting drum, in my head. I wonder how it might come out of your mouth.

    As always, you hooked me in the first stanza, with the idea of “truth” being “harnessed”. And then got me with your ending lines.

  4. Again, as with some others here, I’m impressed with the poetic prose feel to the piece, rife with internal rhymes; for me they are so much more appealing than the tag-type, more formal rhyme schemes. Internal rhyming kind of sneaks into my poems, always a surprise & a joy when it happens; here’s to love; smile.

  5. A very rhythmic piece, Sanaa. It feels like dancing and goes perfectly with your picture. And I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting the last line. An intriguing work.

  6. Even as he warned her maybe not to trust his smile, she was curious enough to accept his offer. Hope they had a good time, at least! 🙂 Cute scenario! I like it!

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