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Thus peach-bloom falls in showers of snow; while morn pale rises 
keen. Her tearful conflict blazed the skies; though forehead stern 
but smile serene. “I moan not winter nor its cold; its mutual kiss 
wraps earthen mold. Sigh. Love grows by bit and dies by hour; like
a broken bowl which can not hold. Lord, such fools us mortals be!
We’re foolish enough to still be bold.”

Thus sheltering boughs with leaves implore; as though au courant
of her speech. Like drops of morn upon guelder rose; bade love be
privileged to beseech. Until the skies are colored as dove; do mourn
with more melodious art. Fret not thus fervour round languid heart;
cause the world’s been dotish since tales pagan.”

Love’s a whim-inspired fool;
It has no law nor has it rule.



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For my prompt “Sûrement vous plaisantez – Surely you jest” tomorrow
at 8:00 am EDT.

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33 Replies to “Palaver”

  1. Love’s a whim-inspired fool;
    It has no law nor has it rule.

    Perfect, Sanaa! It is a no holds barred! Anything goes and to enjoy every minute of being together with the loved ones!


  2. Very pretty, Sanaa. It reads sooo nicely and the rhyming is lovely too. Yes, love has its cold spots and days, “can it survive” is to be questioned. Many do not. A few will survive. (my observation and feeling)

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