His Scent

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Now that I have breathed in you,
my senses
no longer respond to any other sound or scent;
blatant berries complain,
blushing furiously outsideβ€”I am not sure
what it is about you that beguiles

only that
there is distinct drumming inside my temples.



Photo credits: Pinterest

Posted for Quadrille Night #106 @ dVerse Poets Pub

and on Writers’ Pantry @ Poets and Storytellers United

68 Replies to “His Scent”

  1. You’ve captured the kind of passion that is all consuming, Sanaa! I like the ambiguity of β€˜there is distinct drumming inside my temples’ – could be nerves but I think it’s a temple of adoration.

  2. When you find the just right ‘one’, all others fall away and your heart beats just for them. Beautiful poem! πŸ™‚

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