Hades in the Underworld

It’s a dangerous fruit;
scarlet in its ambidexterity and artfulness,
itching for something more than just the dubious existence
of concentric circles
reified as verbal constructs—here words rain over heads
stroking limbs
and rodents burrow their way into surreptitious sand;
do you see where I am going with this?
Like spiders who poise upon their prey on webs,
if I steal your innocence
I will do my best to replace it with something beautiful.
I am responsible for crafting your experience with me,
the landscape may feel as though it’s shifting underneath,
calloused fingertips tracing along smooth,
slightly unassuming contour;
they navigate the whispers of yearning, unsweetened
taste of the ocean—
sin does not nourish me nor carnality
duplicate the feeling of one having met its match,
dark like a true beginning;
I am Hades desiring you in the Underworld. I don’t compromise.




Photo credits: Angela Faustina “pomegranate,”  XXI, 2015

Skylover Wordlist: Scarlet, Concentric, Rodent, Surreptitious, Spider,Reify, Poised 💝

Posted for Open Link Night #285 @ dVerse Poets Pub