Since Flower, Nor Stone, Nor Depth of the Raging Sea

Poem inspired by the title of Sonnet 65: Since brass, nor stone, nor earth, nor boundless sea.

I wrote your name on another horizon today;
watched as the clouds moved in greyscale
and illusion,
outwitted below the hills in shades of green.

I want you,
even when I am on the very edge of sleep–
when trees are stripped of their leaves by the storm,
there is an art
to walking on a trail you are uncertain of
and I hope

your skin remembers me, my lips, my voice and my touch–
the air is lambent with desire,
perhaps it too is aware and has managed to forsake
false doors,

what is poetry without love, without a little ache?
You call me to rise with the prayer of your body,
luminous and roseate—unaware of emotion
behind my words.

Smudge me with ink stains, stick a needle in my eye,
sometimes we come close enough
to believe in; I have this feeling I will do it until the day,
the moment I die–

I wrote your name on another horizon today.




Photo credits: Pinterest

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