Take, Oh, Take Those Lips Away

Poem inspired by the title of John Fletcher’s poetic masterpiece; “Take, oh, take those lips away.”

In the realm of you, my dappled sky is moonless,
fringed with fire
and deep-seated in platitude–
the clouds
that promise rain are pensively deep, equipping me
with the clarity I need,

and I wonder
if your crystal clues of truth are identical–
I am core shaken, captivated
and at sixes and sevens, my glitter-stained
tangled roots
into a twisted earthen forest pathway,
where a canary whispers your name— soft and easy.

In my mind, the sense of you is something behind
a tinted window,
part apparition, part firelight
you just might be the safest, most dangerous thing
I have ever done–

your eyes filled with oceans crashing,
tracing poetry along corner of lips where words are left

I feel myself drawn to sweet gravitational pull,
with solitude circling my ankles.
No cages.
I cannot imagine … a more exquisite imprisonment.



Photo credits: Antonio Mora Portraits, Pinterest

In response to Kerry says; “Lets find our poetic voice,” and “Skylover Wordlist.” ❤️

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