Into the wild, a wide spectrum of opinion

I stand surrounded by mist of a bygone period,
the dark ocean
illuminating clouds of deepest charcoal–
could the impossible ensue so as to strip me of thoughts,
twisting and turning
attempting to drown me with their whispers
low and false–
amidst the chaos there shines a brilliant ray of hope
from the lighthouse of the Pharos,
and though its vociferation is diffused
there is something about that place that ushers
a gush of strength
inside of me,
immed with a lambent pandemonium of magenta dreams–
carried by the wind,
I sleep laden with promises of tomorrow on my pillow.


Photo credits: Pharos ~ Kerry O’Connor

Posted for the ‘Art collaboration in December’ @ Real Toads

And Posted on the Pantry of Poetry and Prose @ Poets United