Into the wild, a wide spectrum of opinion

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I stand surrounded by mist of a bygone period,
the dark ocean
illuminating clouds of deepest charcoal–
could the impossible ensue so as to strip me of thoughts,
twisting and turning
attempting to drown me with their whispers
low and false–
amidst the chaos there shines a brilliant ray of hope
from the lighthouse of the Pharos,
and though its vociferation is diffused
there is something about that place that ushers
a gush of strength
inside of me,
immed with a lambent pandemonium of magenta dreams–
carried by the wind,
I sleep laden with promises of tomorrow on my pillow.


Photo credits: Pharos ~ Kerry O’Connor

Posted for the ‘Art collaboration in December’ @ Real Toads

And Posted on the Pantry of Poetry and Prose @ Poets United

52 Replies to “Into the wild, a wide spectrum of opinion”

  1. How lovely this is, Sanaa. I especially like the way you have included colours in the mood palette. Thank you for choosing this picture to write to.

    1. Awwww gosh! ❤️ Thank you so much, Kerry 😀 so glad you enjoyed it! ❤️

      (and thank you for the glorious prompt) 🌹

  2. What a beautiful poem to read Sanaa. I particularly like the line “rimmed with a lambent pandemonium of magenta dreams” line, being a bit of a dreamer myself!

  3. The opening lines are so atmospheric, Sanaa, with the mist, dark ocean and clouds of deep charcoal, and I love the poem is illuminated by the ‘brilliant ray of hope / from the lighthouse of the Pharos’, and the ‘lambent pandemonium of magenta dreams’.

  4. Though the Lighthouse was constructed because the isle had a dark history of being populated by “wreckers” — those who salvaged sunk ships — one can’t help but see it there in Alexandria, pointing its beacon toward the Great Library, with its hope and faith in stored knowledge. In an age besieged by oceans of misinformation and distraction, we still need such towers of certainty, if they can still exist. Well done —

  5. “I sleep laden with promises of tomorrow on my pillow.”
    Ever throughout the ages God’s messengers have been bringing to us that message of hope

    Happy Sunday


    1. Thank you so much, Gillena 😀 so glad the poem resonated with you ❤️

      Much🌹🌷🌻 love back..

  6. All we need is one dependable light house in the stormy seas to figure out which way to go. What a lovely depiction of hope and resolve.

  7. I love the use of the word laden in that last line. Are the promises of tomorrow hopeful or burdensome? Regardless of promises, may the actuality be favourable for you, dear poet.

  8. “lambent pandemonium of magenta dreams” – you have a way with words, Sanaa, that creates a vivid image as one waits for their dreams, or at the least, the promise of dreams. Thank you

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