Saints within

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Feel the power that’s deep within,
beneath the noise and below the din.
In lilac waters we bathe our skin,
near end of fear our hopes begin.
Yet be in show or truth a saint,
our eyes reflect the life we paint.

An image of soul we strive to draw,
that’s free from
sin and void of flaw.
May blessings rich be our due,

with oaten pipes sweet and new.
Our trials such they
keep us strong,
secure our steps from err and wrong.

In tempestuous seas and scabrous wind;
our waves of grit approached the brim.


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Posted for’ Midweek Motif’ @ Poets United

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50 Replies to “Saints within”

  1. I love the title and was swept along in your colour and light as i often am -our eyes reflect the life we paint – a very clever and touching line..if only we could paint it happy – or even happier

  2. That first stanza is a joy in a marvelous poem:
    “Feel the power that’s deep within; beneath the
    noise and below the din. . . . ”
    Thank you for always seeing it and sharing it.

  3. You caught me and held me there for a while with your first verse, then I read in delight the rest of your poem.

    Thanks for dropping in to read mine Sanaa

    much love…

  4. This is so beautiful Sanaa and I think you have wisdom beyond your years. The life we paint is the one that matters regardless of external shows of saintliness. This reads like a prayer.

  5. A lovely first verse. I think we use many forms of art to draw or paint our life. I think sometimes we just need to find the right textures to create a piece of love.

  6. Sanaa, this verse flows like a brook. Lovely. Your internal rhyme is GORGEOUS. The switch from the “ins” to the “saints” is very nice. Thanks!! Found you when I posted at Poets United. Love, Amy

  7. Yet be in show or truth a saint,
    our eyes reflect the life we paint.

    You always write with a lot of feeling, Sanaa. This is so effectively accomplished within the form.

  8. I like the steady rhythm and rhyme of opening stanza, Sanaa. I especially like the lilac waters – I can smell the lavender, and the last line of that stanza: ‘our eyes reflect the life we paint’.

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