And touch the stubble plains with velvet hue, until the soul is filled with deep contentment

Under ambrose pale that has painted the leaves
upon the ground,
the long shadows of early September and the last remnants
of cerulean blue Summer,
I have mastered the art of getting by
my determination raging in every drop of my blood and snakeskin.

Mercurial and wayward is lust,
that has discovered its way deep into the shy regions
mark my shoulders with the willfulness of night,
let it settle somewhere between the grey smudged sky
and my sensuality,
I am a seamstress of plain dealing,
arbiter of wild and tame
in dreams I dance with love sliding down as moonlight
down my length,
I, too gentle for words, am a product of Virgo Rising.

I am a woman wrapped in poesy, a flickering naked candle flame
let me guide you
to the secret places in your soul,
do you ever wonder
just how decadent it gets-
like ivory waves on the ocean
your senses follow mine,
as I continue to be unapologetically myself.



Photo credits: Seamstress, @catschappach

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