The three-dimensional seal ensured her dominion 
over the land; with basilisks,
one of void and the other of fire, 
so that whoever dares to cross the bridge  
would turn to stone; it was impossible to be
near her, or was it? 

Such a waste of men; their corpses silvered, 
lie in lilac waters,  
almost as though they have been preserved,  
it baffles me, as to why she would collect them– 
Medusa, pure as jade and clear as ice, 
turned into a gorgon by Athena and thrown 
to exile, now twining serpents adorn her head  
and lips are dark as night. 
Nonetheless, I climb the tower that would  
lead me to her.  

“I must applaud you for your courage, poetess! It  
seems to me that you haven’t changed a bit  
since the last time we met, am I right?”
I observe the basilisks eyeing me from behind  
and choose to ignore. 
“On the contrary, I nearly became cold  
and cynical, had it not been for my latest endeavor.” 
Medusa did not look amused.  

“Pray, what have you to say to me this time? And
for goodness’ sake, don’t ask me to spare the lot of them.  

I swallow what little shred of doubt
there was; “No, actually, I am not here to plead.
I am here to tell you, that you have less than a minute
before this tower crumbles.  

“What rubbish! Have you lost your mind, Poetess?
This tower is made of iron not steel.

Unless you meant to threaten me metaphorically.” 
I dodge both fire and void,  
knowing the conversation had come to an end. 
With one premeditated flip, I chop off the serpents 
on her head. 

Medusa screams, whether in horror or relief that remains
to be considered;
“On the grave of Perseus,
I’ve never met
an insufferable woman such as you!” 
I concede, from this day on, any man who dares to venture
out here amid the black
will lose sight of the island. He will be forced to return
where he came from.
There! Are you satisfied?”
I lend her wildflowers to cover her bare head
in response.  




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