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Could it be
those who censure know not consequences grim
who deem perfection above character distinct
is but prisoner of their desire, foible and whim
Could it be
that hatred’s birthed of ignorance, sciolism and ire
who feel individuality is but threat flung by rebels
no senses won’t adhere those who twist and fib
Couldn’t it be
that love and forbearing govern as sovereign state
credence in turn exceeds scruple, qualm and doubt
upon sensing thrum of stars, strip onus from heart


Photo credits:Purple Walls

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66 Replies to “Tete-a-Tete”

  1. I think those who censure are more likely to think only of themselves and hate all difference as a form of protection. Sadly everything now has a price and for the outcast and needy it is conform. Sadly the human race is faulty…thank heavens for poets who thrive on differences!

  2. I wonder if those who censure understand consequences of that to the person judged? I dont think so,m or they couldnt do it. I think they convince themselves they are “right” in order to avoid the guilty feelings. Thought provoking poem, Sanaa.

  3. you have weaved such great questions in this poem… I hope the one that suggests that people do terrible things out of ignorance, and not out of hatred, is accurate. For the alternative is rather grim.

    This is a very timely peace, Sanaa. ?

  4. If only these judgement dispensers would leave it to God and offer kindness instead! The complex phrasing of your poem includes excellent questions and perfect suggestions: “love and forbearing govern” and “strip onus from heart.”

  5. Fear is what the censor feels… it should be really easy to sit down and talk… to agree to disagree and share a pot of tea.

  6. Could it be that those who censure were once censured themselves? Could it be that their individuality was once quashed? Your questions raise more questions, Sanaa. I just hope we will get some answers one day. Love xxx

  7. These lines are wow!!!

    Could it be
    that hatred’s birthed of ignorance, sciolism and ire

    Humanity is but errors. Likely for us poets are bring a difference of all cultures. Humans should not hate one another, instead have time green tea and talk to one another. 🙂

    Love this poem.

    ~Charlie Zero the Poet

  8. Oh if only it could be “that love and forbearing govern as sovereign state.”
    Tis so that as humankind we (many of us) fail to see angels, seeing demons instead in those we deem different. We censure as control boosts our egos and we convince ourselves we are right, and division proliferates.
    Hopefully, one day, love and forbearing will rule supreme.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  9. Couldn’t it be that credence in turn
    exceeds scruple, qualm and doubt

    Credence is the ultimate in all dealings relating to the human side of things. One cannot accept dishonesty of any degree whatsoever!


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