In the watery black surface of my being
there lie fragments of the moon I have swallowed,
gaunt and pale as death
the only witness being the silhouetted shape of the rising moors
their gasps conveying a thousand stories.

There appears to be no need of anemones
their short stalks of blueish green leaves branching freely
as October’s adorned with a strange yearning,
I have seen lovers loosen the space in-between with bare hands,
and words trapped along the corner of warm lips
I have spent many sleepless nights famished
to the point of starvation
for their bodies certain surrender in the ripples of lake.

Gray-eyed, the owl was her bird and olive tree her quietude
Athena unmatched in valor bested Poseidon,
I should know for I was awake in the bewitching hour–
the ruins of the castle touched by ghosts
but none ever haunted my thoughts as beautifully as her,
I have but very little remaining in myself
as Autumn brings about wild decay and the fading of days.

For the night is endless and the day forbidden,
rain in rivulets
blurring windows and a crying sky,
I wish to possess all things beautiful
crack my ribs to take in the aroma of twilight and conversation
that runs deep beneath the ground,
‘murder me,’ whispers the withering of decades
and later has acrimonious regrets and pins a purple heart on me–
the truth is I enjoy it
touching the light in a conscious moment
or do I?



Photo credits: Commissioned piece (untitled) @ mc__monster

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