Untitled (You say that trees bring their art to the world)

Delirious, dauntless and dissolute – this Autumn breeze, brilliant petals
of pink and gold that serve as a backdrop to tousled hair and reddening
contour; reading what I have just written, I now believe that the season
is synonymous, the growing cycle gifts with both ripeness and maturity;
it’s no less than a step towards realizing, recognizing and reclaiming
true self.

I am what I have always been – fiery, determined with a purpose of
fulfilling my life’s direction. You say that trees bring their art to the world,
their branches
taking root in the sky— but tell me for I understand not, I
have lived so long with rough-barked beauties, so long that I’d hug them
had there not been people flitting around. Do they feel the way we do?
And when the season wraps them in scarlet, do they carry on with hope?




Photo credits: “Traces,” by Mara Light, Pinterest

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Now that the leaves from the sugar gum trees have fallen

Basket of figs is enough to wish upon; 
saccharine, swirling dark empty spaces,
do they really exist for us to lose ourselves in?
For the avoidance of doubt
the chords of guitar have marked these fingers,
they are washed all over faded denim
snug, ripped at the knees and hot.
I’d like to think the one you conceal from everyone is visible
to me and my breath only;
stirred, the winter wind continues to blow
now that the leaves from the sugar gum trees have fallen,
they are so proud as though carob skin was their glory
all along-
they are instruments meant to cajole the swooping birds;
won’t you listen,
the bluegrass is something of a wonder that beckons
even from a distance.




Photo credits: Pinterest

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They say only the south wind flattens grass

They say only the south wind flattens grass;
blows through with a force, a song so confidently sung
as easy as summer daydreams—
won’t you take a moment and hear what it has to say?
I have always loved the wind;
loved the way its giddy currents flow through woodland canopies
of how it can soothe those who can sense,
there are times when I can feel it within, the push and swirl
that stirring to show what is solidly there—
the myriad hues of new beginnings are punctuated
in shafts of pink light
one need only open their eyes and see;
the wind instills the willingness to lay bare one’s heart and soul
despite the chance that both could end up sliced to ribbons.




Photo credits: Boreas – John William Waterhouse Painting, Pinterest

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from “Surfacing,” by Kathleen Jamie and
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Lip Service

Wisps of silver grey smoke curl
and dance
their way through the room
as though anxious to escape the mouths
of perpetrators— is this what it means to abide by?
Sickly sweet,
I attempt to billow in dense clouds of conversation
in the hallway.




Photo credits: Fabian Perez Painting, Pinterest

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Memoirs Of A Burgeoning Poet

Whisper to me now;
always onward, always toward the flow of destiny.
Breaking deliciously off the trees is despair,
specks of mahogany, berry red and brown curl around the edge,
I am untamed,
my subconscious unfrosted unlike leaves at the mercy
of upcoming winter—
tell me, how does one translate emotion?
blushingly see the art of forming words in the shape of mouth—
it is the common failing of human mind,
a malady of sorts
where it continues to undermine, to underestimate itself;
be gone awhile,
I am heeding to the voice of unapologetic empowerment
that’s sounding from the rooftop.





Photo credits: Fabian Perez 1967, Pinterest

“I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable, I sound
my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.”― Walt Whitman

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Being unfamiliar with the sky that surrounds

Being unfamiliar with the sky that surrounds, I shied away from it,
leaves, these leaves  are a sole witness to the hues in me; why is it
that we are constantly shoved away from the child in us? The narrowing
streets, I am reminded of poetry by Frost during times like these, soon
the foliage around will alter from gold to brown – I have imagined them
like a garish quilt over the ground, perhaps if I saw them, I would write
verses half as brilliant as the ones before me.

We are constantly told to be different, to be bold, part of me wants to
breathe and close my eyes, perhaps observe the trees caught between
beauty and solemn earthy tones; we are so obsessed in keeping up with
the pace of the world that we forget to appreciate the small things, the
leaves have much to say about taking a more confident lead each day.

With footsteps forward
my dreams of soaring with gulls
will I remember?



Photo credits: Pinterest

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an animal, or something else in nature that left you
with a
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