As darkness surrenders

The darkest hour of dawn and its hum, November clouds drifting
ever so slowly despite everything that surrounds; can I wake and
keep my dreams with me?

As darkness surrenders, every colour, every shade changes from
sable to a vibrancy; there are days when I wonder about the way
the universe runs, would we be the same if limbs impassioned
lost their magic, if they felt otherwise? The lake-side air is pungent
with the fragrance of jasmine, its surface as smooth as glass –
radiating ripples which, if one is lucky, are caught by twilight; can
you hear the gulls overhead?

What I can do, you can do, you don’t see it yet but believe me when
I say it’s true; we need only have conviction, the heart understands
truths dark, unintelligible—there is nothing behind the wall except
a space where the wind whistles.




Photo credits: Pinterest

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Mourning Moon ~ Part One: This is by no means autobiographical

Melancholy is the colour of midnight;
a soft hymn of trees,
an orchestra which seeks the one that can hear the melody
of his own soul,
bitter-sweet, prussian blue laced with wine
and unrestrained.
With every touch its fingerprints mark me as its own;
as though a hot coal placed in the center of my chest,
the last of the conversations haunt me,
replays like a boysenberry echo etched—
isn’t it cruelty? The heart refuses to break the other’s
in half,
some of us turn a walk through the arboretum
into sonnets overnight—
slowly the sun replaces the moon,
atomic tangerine dipped into the arms of understanding haze,
I turn
and walk away without a second glance.




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November Morning

It speaks to me;
from cream softened oranges and greens disenchanted

and in turn pours into my veins and lifts,
November dreary, dour and dark

when deeper truths trickle from walls that are spiced—
I can never complain that years have been wasted,
as the wind breaks in
and sourwood blushes; it’s much too easy to give up,
to disintegrate.
The half-light of morning scatters reveries that once used
to be mine,

perhaps it too is aware of the dangers of mitigation—
as fallen leaves
curl upon the ground and hint;
beauty and pain are two sides
of the same coin.

And now caffeinated tears are being replaced,
tell me,
what can possibly be more fulfilling?
November dreary, dour and dark flows freely into my pen;
sketching all that’s possible as wisdom settles in,
we are finally one.




Photo credits: Miss. Pink. Coconut Illustrations, Pinterest

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The hour of early black is

the perfect arbitrator;
I’d like to believe the sting of our lass kiss
wasn’t nearly as sharp as wailing guitar wringing—
like apples and almond milk,
against the window and thorough-going.
A shuddering sigh escapes from raw lips,
“would I be happier without it?”




Photo credits: Apples and Almond Milk 8×8 inches, oil painting by Sarah Sedwick

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October Rain

There is a peculiar shade of indigo hurt in the sky
that reflects in my eyes,
as the night commenced with its jagged tongue
narrating tales
while gulping the clouds, the thunder and rain
an idiosyncrasy
which I find both difficult and necessary to understand.

Did you think I was unfamiliar with the game
blind to the lipstick smear on your collar,
I am the heart of city
a highway that leads to both dreams fulfilled
and prison of unresolved thoughts.
I see the way you look at me
as though a berry brightly coloured,
sweet and sour,
which you can graze with your tongue

melt in your mouth,
I am October feisty and unafraid of being blown away by the system
by the wind,
I am awaiting the birth of new order–
a voice that will deafen the chaos that surrounds it.

Nowadays love is bittersweet,
it’s both scattered pieces of soul and a request to dismiss ache,
to outwit insanity
I have come too far to fall behind
there are Poets strolling along an endless path
of stormy white,

I refuse to be kissed by memories that offer nothing
but gloom and despair.

The night is coming around to a close
as the sky is streaked with shafts of pink light
and hope,
thrumming in my ears are the words
‘forever is a feeling misunderstood,’
I am sifting through the lies and searching for what’s true.
Touch is ambiguous to feeling,
to words
that have yet to prove that they’re worthy of desire,
of trust

there is something about the way you smile that doesn’t reciprocate
with my own—
I am convinced that Poetry will either lodge you
in my heart or throw you out,
you are marked by the same obstinate longing as I.




Photo credits: Jon Tyson, vehicles on the road

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