Lady in the Wind

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This is how I picture the wind;
blowing across lush fields, into the dark catacombs
of bosom— eavesdropping
where thoughts soft-spoken are buried.
Surrounded by pandemonium
I observe its prowess closely; is this what it means to be vigilant?
If so, teach me.




Photo credits: Lady in Red by Emerico Imre Toth, Pinterest

Kim is our hostess today at dVerse and the word is “eavesdrop.”We may take a form or compound of it.
Come join us! ❤️

Posted for Quadrille #111 @dVerse Poets Pub

46 Replies to “Lady in the Wind”

  1. The wind is a powerful metaphor… I know a Swedish poem about the wind being a lover stealing his mistress away.

  2. Lovely assonance this piece Sanaa – lush fields into dark catacombs – so good. And such a clever play – the wind so deliberate, so vigilant in the face of beauty. Great stuff.

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