Go ahead and risk

Lost in the vermilion labyrinth of his lips, some days I exist
only as reflections,
their hue and shape daring me not to dodge the incoming storm
but rather to embrace it,
how many people can vouch for taking a risk?
For inhaling chaos,
when logic and reason fail us, it’s always better to go with instinct;
and in turn exhaling calm—
I am what I have always been, my ways unconventional,
I am an orchid among dandelions.
Bravely into the dark like a poem, like a prayer reach,
extend your underlying doubts and feel as the wind, the moon usher
in strength,
lift as branches of tree, I am addicted to the night and dreams of him
that consume it,
tell me, are my intentions too bold for you— you have something that
inspires living out of nothing; I am left with mauve whispers,
with everything.
Go ahead and risk, I am a Poet and you are the man that infiltrates
my thoughts,
plot twist: only I have the power to tempt him in every imaginable way
and keep myself from losing grit.





Photo credits:  Loui Jover Painting, Pinterest

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