Untitled (treading along the grasses of reverie)

Her kiss tastes like every dark thought I’d ever had,
vanta black bewilderment
as berries within silverness of meadows burst with indignation.
The sky flows immortal,
soft clattering of clouds where peace once shimmered,
what; oh what eats away,
sighing, stretching still along the banks of a temple that’s thrown
you into exile.

Such a sacrilege, hours caught in the clutches of eternity
gone rogue,
till this day it remains an anomaly,
that spiders unseen weave tales of her plight,
leave your marks upon her lips;
owning every inch,
she admits it to herself and no one else,
how vengeance draws a perfect circle when these strange days
have passed;
when these strange days have passed.

I, medusa crowned with twining serpents, do claim
the atrocities
committed against me, lemon chiffon state of unrest,
I am a little soft and a lot rough
treading along the grasses of reverie, never stopping,
pray tell,
what have you to say to me?

Your midnight dreams are simply more than I could ever
hope to understand,
eyes that devour, that turn to stone
I lament and growl as you feast upon their skin,
these men— serenading you in ancient tongues
won’t you quiet the storm that’s been brewing,
I know it’s egoistical of me to even consider asking you,
but please,
my heart simply doesn’t do temporary.

I hear your pleas, poetess and will burn it down,
all of it,
and twirl to and fro from the wreckage,
foolish are you to hope
there’s any chance of sorting through the ashes,
I decline,
salvage what you can,
a menagerie of violets and affairs drenched in rain.

The ache of sonnets through rosy-brown fingertips,
lightening cuts down,
be them branch,
be them intention as the hunger continues to gnaw;
medusa, I will slay
never to stumble, never again to persuade;
with the rustle of Orion above living waters, I seek you
in battle
time and time again.





Photo credits: Jeremy Mann painting, Pinterest

Ingrid is our charming guest as she hosts this evening
at dVerse, inviting us to write a poem in the voice of
a fictional character. Come join us! 💝

Posted for Poetics: “Exploring the Narrative Voice,” @ dVerse Poets Pub