Stopping at Incense Storing Temple

I did not know the incense storing temple;
fragrance percolating through the walls,
a floral note, hints of jasmine or rose since it’s smoke
not scent which is significant
in conveying the prayers of those faithful to gardens of Paradise,
I close my eyes
and meander through the cobblestone path,
come clouds, blue violet, fissures of brilliant light that enlightens—
embrace your wounded, put a flower in hair
and instill sword of faith in bosom so we may be warriors.
In the end, it will be belief in the eternal scales that will be life,
words floating seamlessly,
I am in constant awe of breath that flows in and out with reverence,
I weep, not because I am overwhelmed
but because the wind carries with it long and deep sighs,
it’s all messy, the world, the strands of hair, the thoughts, the heart;
I said to myself, conscious breathing is key,
so breathe, breathe, breathe until you feel the air running down
your throat,
close your mind and let not dolor, let not despair step foot into—
let them all float away, let them dissipate,
listen to the air coming through you and then back out,
taste the atmosphere serene surrounding you,
the very alchemy of meditation, the very alchemy of meditation.
The mind can go to a thousand different places,
my senses now aligned, right here, right this moment, I am whole.





Photo credits: Alex Azabache, “white and maroon templenear body of water,” pexels. Fair use.

Laura hosts at dVerse and invites us to select one of the poems,using
the same title and imagine what the Poet has painted, bearing in mind

the impressions which have been conveyed.

I chose, “Stopping at Incense Storing Temple,” by Wang Wei.
Come join us! 💝

Posted for Poetics: “China– Kingdom of the Poem,” @ dVerse Poets Pub