What Sorrows Are You Drowning?

We aren’t meant to be faultless, to be curated in a world
where risotto is compared to lobster;
supple grains of rice perfumed of parmesan and wine
and replete
with butter—we ought to remember this when the rain is pelting
down. What sorrows are you drowning, and why?
Do you ever pause?
Do you think about the commonality of human experience?
I adore salted caramel donuts;
especially when in the process of deciphering the genetic structure found
in the cells of organisms—ha! I am obviously kidding.
The marks left behind are more than often scars,
hot pink against the skin;  we can choose to hide them or don them
confidently, I have hardly ever met
another human devoid of unspeakable pain—
forgive me,
I am on the verge of becoming nostalgic; let us be cornier, let loose,
go for the awful rhyme instead
of settling for verses immaculate, life my darling, isn’t always pretty,
isn’t always ideal.
What sorrows are you drowning?





Photo credits: “Pink Cup,” by Jess @ Harper Sunday, Unsplash

An early unveiling of the April Poem-a-Day Challenge, Day 2 🥠

Lillian hosts OLN at dVerse and shares an absolutely delightful
April Fool’s Day tale. Come join us! 💝

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