A soft shade of beige

Sequestered and wild from the depths of emotion is beige;
its mouth,
a slender, cobblestone passageway that leads straight into the mind
and speaks—
rummaging through troubles
as ice in the field ruts crackles under feet
Could it be so that swans smudged white with winter aren’t envious?
They create ghost shapes,
against the curdled skies, conscious of heartfelt song that pours;
beige is a morning walk around the harbour and back.
When spiced,
there is a certain resonance; muted sighs melding with storm,
it urges one to flirt at the edge of danger,
holding onto the rail knowing anything is possible—there is no concept
of right
and wrong only different outcomes.
Beige, is a splinter of logic lodged inside us like a scrying glass, a mirror
upon which we turn out stories untold.




Photo credits: “Ice skate rink,” by Iryna Yermolova, Pinterest

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