Red Language

The wind in its monochrome musings is no longer indifferent,
it’s curious
to the effect that cherry nearly neon pink
that appear in clusters are offered reinforcements
in exchange for answers—
exactly how does one grasp something as fleeting as whispers?
If I could hear the words that take form in the wild storm
of your being,
believe me I’d reciprocate by using red language;
vernacular, if I am to be direct—I place my faith entirely upon detail
as I choose to side with weighty rather than whim,
this vinaigrette dressing of desire would disband all doubt,
together with crumbled blue cheese,
chives, lettuce, spinach, halved strawberries
and candied pecans,              

its subtlety alone would ignite emotion otherwise lost in translation,
consuming the heart, the mind, the body and soul
with forbidden knowledge—
I imagine a blush as perfect as early black kissing your skin.
The wind holding its breath is the sole witness,
in anticipation even though she knows it begins and ends
within herself;
do we ever truly comprehend?




Photo credits: Pinterest

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This poem is inspired by the title of Heid E. Erdrich’s poetic
‘Red Language.’

Posted for MTB: Personification and Imagery @ dVerse Poets Pub