As of late I have learned

You pressed into me, indeliberately;
how is it that we realize months after the first taste?
And before I knew it, I melted.
Your lips erubescent made the light in the room grow
just a little bit darker,
just a little bit cognizant—
I am conscious of the clouds chuckling behind my back
my inner city blushing with a heat wave that comes
before the rain,
if only I could turn poetry into drops torrential

you would know desire and ache—
I would place them upon every sacred inch of your skin,
a monsoon, a deluge,
you have a body sensually sculpted for softer sighs,
somewhat like thulian sunset undressing—
these days I find myself standing on the edge, certain.
Can you feel the wind slipping through the trees, its defenses?
I may have to
stop writing.




Photo credits: Pinterest

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