Love Letter to the month of November

Peach stones show just how important it is to let go
of all that no longer serves;
crimson, almost darker than a drop of blood,
of leaves autumnal,
I never imagined I would write a love letter to the month of November
and yet here I am,
it’s conspicuous,
we are not the cloistered people we were months ago
but passel!
If you can read this,
I don’t know,
is there any reason as to why it should feel so wholesome,
a warm kitchen aroma
as peaches transition to cobbler;
when your fingers seal off the gaps between mine.
I was once told how autumn captivates with gold,
when life starts all over again
with the crispness of wind, when every leaf is a poem,
an answer.

Maybe tomorrow’s winter sojourn won’t seem so desolate,
I’d like to believe the era of new dawn has emerged
both politically
and psychologically for the nation, and moreover for the world
that continues to look upon—
medium violet, cerise, berry and damask
this feeling,
that follows as rays touch and reaffirm; we’ve finally managed to break through,
we’ve finally managed to break through!




Photo credits: Joseph Zbukvic Painting, Pinterest

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