Late October

Poem inspired by the title of Maya Angelou’s poetic masterpiece, “Late October.”

Adumbral red this feeling;
echoes round and round the colonnade as a gospel choir,
oh how I love it so–
symptomatically, the leaves fall and kiss the ground,
as though
aware of all that goes on in my heart;

spiritual songs

                        pale heat,
                                             palmed rose

I have recognized you,
while listening to sweet rustling music that inspires
the wild pirouettes of earth-bound truths—
would that obsidian sky look on as we gaze into each other’s eyes
and become one;
fervour painted upon less than rosy lips,
you are the flower,
I am the thorn, watchful and vigilant—
seeking to make our way through on a much more somber note, 

grey life,

               dim accuracy

                                       pellucid quest

only lovers know of dilemma,
hunger for the light
I have come to know that it begins as a storm and continues
to become a poem—
can you feel the thunder within as days become colder and shorter?
I have recognized you.



Photo credits: Pinterest

Laura is our hostess at dVerse and introduces the poetry of Samuel Greenberg.
She invites us to select exactly five of the “charms” from a list taken from the poem The pale Impromptu.” 💝

Posted for Poetics: The Charms of Samuel Greenburg @ dVerse Poets Pub