Putting together

Putting together;
I realized with a heavy heart just how ephemeral
thoughts truly are—
they avoid the periods of drought as seeds,
all the while
ushering out the old and replacing with new.
I am appalled,
for how is it possible to arrange a bouquet this way?
Putting together
a list, a person, flowers and such
proves to be unfathomable;
when synonyms themselves refuse to come forward—
life, my darling is a poem in five parts,
which no matter how much we desire cannot possibly be
read all at once,
putting together positive thoughts,
I attempt and sift the clear with the ones most obscure;
I am figuring out how to make this arrangement so that shadows
fall in correct place.



Photo credits: Pinterest

Bjorn hosts at dVerse tonight and invites us to try lists that Google gives us. Come join us! 💝

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