A point outside the glittering current, when mind moves in more places than one

This flesh is mine, it has bled, and shed
remnants of lies
saccharine– under a sky
surrounded by convalescing breath,
the world I see before me is made of shadows
with teeth,
as my heart attempts to piece together what stones
have buried– the tree bark howling out the tales
you have told.
I walk down a trialed path while insides burn,
as roses black
break out from a blinding daze– with Jupiter in a bottle
and eternity of stars raging in my soul.


Photo credits: Thomas Saliot, Pinterest

Poem inspired by “The Handflower,” by Kerry O’Connor and “Stones,” by Bruce Springsteen ❤️

Posted for ‘Music With Marian’ @ Real Toads

also posted on Pantry of Poetry and Prose @ Poets United