Yours & Mine

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Blushful sunrise,
as a lifetime of promises
sway in the wind. 

Oh salt-pickled blossoms
unfurl and float, I smile 
as steeped flavor into tea.  

And I shall be disclosing 
this with a sigh, the way 
your gestures touched me, 
painstakingly honest. 

Love, without you my words 
would wilt and passion
recede from the written page.


Photo credits: Rebloggy

Potpourri of themes love/friendship, flowers, tea. Also linking to Hedgewitch’s Friday 55

Posted on ‘Weekend Mini-Challenge’ @ Real Toads

and posted on the ‘Poetry Pantry’ @ Poets United 

60 Replies to “Yours & Mine”

  1. To smiles as steeped flavor in tea, is an interesting turn of phrase sunny.

    Lovely imagery. Salt pickled blossoms is another interesting image.

    Having that right other person makes all the difference in the world, doesnt it.
    especially if they are honest.

  2. This is a delight! Right from the “blushful sunrise” – I adore that. And there’s tea in there too 😀 By any chance were you thinking of a cherry blossom tea? It’s one of my favorites.

  3. When words are your love how wide your world is. It is always a delight to see where your words take us Sanaa as we mustn’t let passion “receide from the written page” must we?

  4. There is something about the salt-pickled blossoms. It’s almost raw with emotion. Salt as a healing element and pickled can be sweet or sour or perhaps both and that brings the honest tone into play. This poem was intriguing.

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