With the silent melody of the wind

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Let me through               the wall you have secured
                                           around your fragile heart

the bolted door               where you hide from the
                                           world outside

let me reach out              share your deepest woes,
                                            that pierce your soul

into cold abyss                as arms of angst hold you      
                                           without acquiescence

feel the warmth               of your lips, those haunting
                                            dark, half closed eyes

radiating from the          and your face, so obvious in
cantaloupe sun                its portrayal of feeling

let me offer you                the world, with its joy, its
                                             hidden trail to heaven

my entire self,                  because nothing else can
                                            satiate this ache and thirst

to love, to cherish            until the hour of end, until
                                             you laugh and say yes   



Photo credits: Pinterest

Form: Contrapuntal Poetry

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62 Replies to “With the silent melody of the wind”

  1. I love the contrast of solid wall and bolted door and the fragile heart; the repetition of ‘Let me’, which builds up and combines with the words ‘arms of angst’ to convey a tone of despair’ which is melted by the warmth of lips and the ‘cantaloupe sun’ – a beautiful image, Sanaa.

  2. Saying “yes”, an act of bravery. It has a lot to do with discovering that “hidden trail to heaven.”

  3. Your “forevermore” quest is spoken in exqusite terms
    Happy Sunday Sanaa. Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard today


  4. Oh this is wonderful. Who could resist? I love thecanteloupe sun! It is impressive how the two sides of the poem stand alone and work so well together. I have been nervous to attempt this. It seems difficult but you aced it.

  5. So nice how the love patiently seduces the beloved with such sweet, convincing words that strive to go on forever.
    Lovely writing Sanaa.

  6. To me, this reads like a conversation between lovers, although each poem could be a soliloquy, standing on its own. Well done!

  7. I am completely blown away by this masterpiece of contrapuntal poetry. Just gorgeous. Love that cantaloupe sun.

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