Winter Moon ~ Part three: Petals of the Sun

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I watch as they remain unflinching,
petals of the sun
while the wicked wind whips the snow,
and darkness slowly descends.
How do we restore balance in the world?
How do we dispel negative gravity?
I wake without reason to logical fallacies,
sly in apparitionβ€”
speak not of the sky,
drowning choke of smoke and fire
for fear that mercy is evidently misplaced,
I slip on the straps and release a sigh.
Come ink words in the blind,
watch as grey headed canaries break free
from cagesβ€”
my love is unselfish but I require you
to breathe,
coffee lips in the throes of death
and change,
perhaps we are reading the shadows wrong;
forever cannot draw a circle.


Photo credits: ‘Petals of the Sun,’ by Manabu Oda, Pinterest

Skylover Wordlist: apparition, gravity, canary, circle ❀

Posted for the Writers’ Pantry @ Poets and Storytellers United

42 Replies to “Winter Moon ~ Part three: Petals of the Sun”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever read a more beautiful expression of despair β€” yet it is hopeful too in spite of all, and a wonderful embodiment of Magaly’s suggestions. It does all come down to your question, I think: β€˜How do we restore balance in the world?’

  2. “How do we restore balance”, indeed. It’s seems so much is become un-whole these days. Maybe we can heal some of the breaking through ink (that inspires action), through words that remind us that even in disaster we can find some beauty, through writings like this one.

  3. I like the image in the opening lines of the petals of the sun unflinching β€˜while the wicked wind whips the snow’, and how you used alliteration to recreate the sound of the wind, Sanaa. I also like the visual oxymoron in:
    β€˜Come ink words in the blind,
    watch as grey headed canaries break free
    from cages’.

  4. Sunflowers are tough, they withstand the hot sun and the cold snowy winds. I find only one real word of hope here, just a smidgen, in the word, HOPE itself.

  5. There is so much going on here, Sanaa. Very good but this:
    “fear that mercy is evidently misplaced”
    reminds me that there is a judgement day coming because as you allude to, the world must balance.

  6. Life does have its ups and downs so we should always be thankful for the good times and remember them in the bad. Lives do have a full circle so we should never put off what we could do now!

  7. I am so intrigued by the thought of misplaced mercy and the statement that “forever cannot draw a circle” and the fact that our mortal senses will never be able to absorb the reality of it all anyway. Wonderful writing and concepts.

  8. How do we know what is balance these days? I love this poem. It makes me search my own spirit and ask how and where is my balance. “perhaps we are reading the shadows wrong; forever cannot draw a circle.” Love that line

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