When touched by an Angel

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Unable to live in guilt and fear;
We yearn for love that much is clear.
Love is such arrives unnoticed;
To give us pleasure its only motive.

Unable to live alone in pain;
Love uplifts so we may gain.
It makes the heart go warm and soft;
In love our deepest of qualms are lost.

Love enables our soul to live;
In time we learn to trust – forgive
Our heart it sings a thousand songs;
Distinguish between the rights and wrongs.

We dance in love – embrace its light
Though lie awake in hours of night.
Love dares one to be wild and brave;
And long for all we wish and crave.

So strive to hear wherever you are;
Perhaps store love inside your jar.
Mortals in all their wisdom agree;
Love is bound to set them free.


Photo credits:Β www.turnbacktogod.com

An Β attempt to expand to Maya Angelou’s poem “Touched by an Angel.”

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32 Replies to “When touched by an Angel”

  1. Very nice job; the touches of Maya are sweet & authentic. I love the image header as well, ANGELS IN AMERICA is an incredibly powerful play & film & sentiment. At first I thought you might be responding to the play, but Maya is stirring enough as a catalyst. As the Beatles said: Love is all we need.

  2. Love certainly does enable our soul to live! Without it we would whither away. I am a great fan of Maya Angelou’s poetry also, but though I enjoy her writing I would not say that she is a poet who inspires mine.

  3. I admire this line: Our heart it sings a thousand songs;

    And specially love the ending verses Sanaa ~ A lovely response to one of my (many) favorite poets ~

  4. I like the idea of putting love in a jar to be able to use perhaps when we are low and feeling alone. Lovely as always, Sanaa.

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