What I miss

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Night streets

The city of lights not long ago;
Its atmosphere won’t cease to glow.
We smiled in joy – soothed in woe
Refreshing winds around us blow.
Each morn promised a new delight;
We wandered through the shades of night.
Oh, blissful tears do blind my sight.
We sit around and reminisce;
I think of who and what I miss.

Recall the times we spent on beach;
Its like a dream so out of reach.
The rising moon though hid the stars;
Wish the clock repeat those hours.
Forget not yet – forget not this
I think of who and what I miss.



Photo Credits:Β mycampustalk.com

Form: RondeauΒ 

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62 Replies to “What I miss”

  1. I think you are right.. there is no place like home. I sometimes miss my own home-town.. and that is not too far away… yet there are things about a city or a town…

  2. There seems to be no place like the one we grew up in. I spent some time in Karachi and helped at the Karachi grammar school. I did write a sonnet about my friends Karachi garden but don’t know where it is! Thanks for the beautiful poem and link to my memory of time well spent there.

    1. Hello Georgina,

      Thank you so much, so glad you liked it πŸ˜€
      Highly appreciated, lots of love πŸ™‚

      PS: Karachi Garden is one of the neighborhoods of Saddar Town in Karachi πŸ™‚

  3. I love your beautiful rondeau, Sanaa…such a bittersweet feeling in this and love your last stanza.

    Gayle ~

  4. Home, sweet home – even if others wonder what it is about it that we love so, even if they don’t appreciate its beauty, there is something about childhood memories and the need to belong.

  5. Life can be odd for some of us. I grew up in Seattle, but moved around like a gypsy, so home was a whole city. Then I spent a decade in California, missing “home”; but when I returned to Washington state, nothing but ghosts & high real estate prices greeted me. My marriage, & raising three daughters, & now welcoming 7 grandchildren, has created my first “home”.

    1. Hello Pleasant Street,

      Thanks for stopping by, so glad you liked it πŸ˜€
      Highly appreciated, have a great week ahead.

    1. Hello Leslie,

      Thank you so much, so glad you liked it πŸ˜€
      Highly appreciated, lots of love πŸ™‚

      PS: Yes it certainly is πŸ™‚

  6. Sometimes it can be a good thing to look back and acknowledge the things we miss – perhaps it is essential in the ability to move forward…as wise and bright as ever Sanaa.

  7. A beautifully sketched rendering. With your vivid reminiscences – you transport your reader to Karachi. I’m sure that your fond memories of that place, must give you comfort.

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