Were I a cloud

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I believe in every walk with Nature, one receives far more than he seeks. And so, I made my way through with a mind to mount up to the purest sky. Were I a cloud, would attempt to sweep through mystic thread of life; listen to hushed murmurs of water, for its by no means a waste of time. ‘The world is hard and cruel’ as such was written upon arched sky, give thanks for what you are —  and keep fighting for what you’d want to be tomorrow. I breathe in good thoughts skipping across a placid pond. The sky above was clear — as though gleaming crystal  — the air around me spoke in a tone both hushed and sweet. The atmosphere soon filled the heart with delight. I think I may have discovered some hidden secrets of life.

Twilight sky
mingling with emotion
a waltz with nature.


Photo credits: Nautica Lake in K.L

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Friday 26th August at 8 am EDT.

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62 Replies to “Were I a cloud”

  1. Nature is the perfect teacher… We walk and seek the secrets in the sky, and so often find it in ourselves – one of the purposes of wandering I think

  2. Nature hOlds
    atmoSphere BriGht
    skies so bRoad..
    yes.. a secret
    tHeRE wE FeeL
    the suffering and
    misery of each other
    as far as miles connect
    us withdrawn inside..
    in wither
    Nature kNows/FeeLs
    no sound of footprintS iN
    doors so closed of heARt
    SpiRit young and cOld..

    no SonG of sad..:)

  3. Oh Sanaa! I love the idea of a waltz with nature — and I especially love the title. Smiling I am this morning – such beauty and calm here. ❤️

  4. Only by embracing nature, the natural world, does life mean anything. It is beautiful, resilient strong and give us a feeling of serenity. Let’s hope we can always respect it. What a beautiful haibun Sanaa.

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