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I observe as silhouettes whisper unto breeze
In exchange of visions bold and impassioned dreams
An impish rose-finch stooped down upon my arm
As though to give a thought; to soothe a fervent plea
I sigh and embrace resplendent evening light ―
“Glance not behind nor brood over time’s brief woes”
I breathe as wind hauls me down steps of South Quay
Appreciation is an act of feeling beauty around us ―
While wandering along on lone and oblique path.



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52 Replies to “Voyageur”

  1. “Glance not behind nor brood over time’s brief woes’”

    indeed we do have to scan our gaze to include areas of appreciation

    Happy Wednesday Sanaa

    much love…

  2. “Voyageur”.. a title for
    your poem.. Sanaa..
    and a lonely place
    of traveler.. i sure..
    can relate..
    never having
    girl friends in high school
    rarely for even one date..
    i traveled to the movies..
    the shows of Romance
    and couples holding
    hands.. the fair
    of loving
    loud embraces
    as Spring of Love
    iN Winter’s Hot
    Chocolate in
    games of
    homecoming too..
    my High School football
    Team won the state championship
    in ’78.. and finally my ‘Voyageur” status
    of Love found a first love that year.. 10
    months later back to ‘Voyageur’ travel
    again for Love.. quick stops here and
    there for warmth.. but
    never travel full for
    love until
    age 28 in ’89
    and a river of life
    of love from a wife who
    never ages.. sure.. i can appreciate
    that enough to love her.. where she
    never will.. age.. smiles at least not yet at 46.. travels young..
    as the photo evidence of the blesSing of that magic continues..
    i always wished for
    what ‘they’ named
    as sweet sixteen
    in highschool..
    and as my cousin’s wife
    said at a recent family reunion..
    Katrina is “The Eternal Teenager”..
    Be Happy for what yA wish for when dreAms iSREAL..
    and by all means.. count those blesSinGS as they may never
    happen again.. who kNows.. even in hiStory of 3.3 million words
    and 100K photos.. my wife is quite a muse as travel of ‘Voyageur”
    goeS on..
    iN TrUman
    sHow stYle..;)

  3. Appreciation is an act of feeling beauty around us ―
    While wandering along on lone and oblique path.

    Truly said Sanaa! It is wanting to render good thoughts of goodness on offer.


  4. Yes, feeling the beauty around us….there is so much out there to appreciate…if only people would really attend to one’s surroundings. Nice thoughts, Sanaa!

  5. True that….appreciation is a wonderful act! Gratitude is one of the best ways to find contentment. …gorgeous piece, Sanaa! Delightful read…

  6. Lovely, robust imagery in such a concise snapshot poem! Those last two lines, as others have commented, really resonate. But even the little feathered visitor and its advice to release life’s woes — poignant! Thank you for sharing this poem!

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