Veil me (not)

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Hidden or lost, obscured from view
Yet frore of night distills the dew ―
Adrift, I sway like ripples on pond
as magnolia blossoms fall from tree.
Oh heart of mine, possess strength (unbind)
I long for conscience to release load of mind
Aware glimpse of orb enshrouded in smoke
I ebb into the depths of mountains and sea.
Though soul feels like rose amongst thorns,
Oh veil me (not) from the all–knowing sun.
I long for compunction to stray from psyche,
to shine with beatitude like the stars at night.



Photo credits: Rebloggy

Kerry asks us to write inspired by works of Rainer Maria Rilke.
Poem chosen: I am much too alone in this world, yet not alone

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For my prompt “Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching” on 13th
January at 8:00 am EDT

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52 Replies to “Veil me (not)”

  1. There is tension here, an imprisoned sense of standing at a threshold of the sublime and not being able to cross over. This is the poet’s dilemma, and the challenge of our life’s work! Great take on the challenge.

  2. The relationship between the human consciousness and the things is held in a tender balance in your poem, Sanaa. Beautifully done.

  3. A wonderful balladic plea for clarity, truth, joy–to be enjoyed as unfettered. As poets our quills do shatter chains, counterpoint negativity, celebrating life, love, and spirituality. Thanks for the reinforcement & poetic hug.

  4. Your descriptive ability is awe-inspiring in this, Sanaa. I very much felt the yearning of a soul that craves freedom. ?


  5. I’ve only just come back after a short break to grieve my mother’s passing, so I hadn’t seen this poem, Sanaa. It is so beautifully lyrical and wistful, with gentle movement in the distilling dew, ripples and the blossoms falling.

  6. I long for compunction to stray from psyche,
    to shine with beatitude like the stars at night.

    One craves for the bright side of things. Love the hopeful thoughts of expectations!


  7. Though soul feels like rose amongst thorns,
    Oh veil me (not) from the all–knowing sun.
    such a lovely poem, Sanaa 🙂

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