Untitled (when words crumble and fade)

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Breathless beneath a glimmering moon,
Lie as troubled waters kiss my lips shut.
Unsullied, as a rose, I plead and protest
I, shatter dawn, with a piercing screech.

With madness flushed among the vines,
Sought, to perceive, with crystalline cry.
The heart inflicted bears tales of horror,
I, choke on trepidation, a septic stream.

Believe only shades of grey make up life
Oh! long to recover, a struggle to escape
Pristine as an orchid gather my strength
I swirl, across pond, with song and seed.

‘I have no mouth and I must scream.’


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32 Replies to “Untitled (when words crumble and fade)”

  1. The structure of this poem–especially the last lines of the first and second stanzas–is brilliant. The pause between the “I” and the rest of the line makes us feel that we are drowning with her, losing our breath… And when we get to the end and understand why. Powerful, Sanaa.

  2. I agree with Magaly! I felt I was drowning, suffocating as I read your words! You accomplished beautifully the real feel of outrage for me!

  3. I lost my breath sometime during the first line and didn’t realize until I had to gasp for air. Felt like I was drowning along with her… Powerfully written!

  4. I love that comma at “I, shatter dawn.”
    I think she is becoming just that, a “shatter dawn.” A breaking. A release, and a new beginning. I simply love this.

    1. Thank you so much, De πŸ˜€ so glad you liked it ❀️

      (I love that particular stanza too! πŸ™‚ )

  5. Wow, Sanaa! The silent scream is most haunting. How powerfully captured the horrors that inflict a heart, and I choked too with this line: “I, choke on trepidation, a septic stream.” Well-written, like the structure too.

  6. Just brilliant! It reminds me of trying to scream when in a dream… wanting to escape the nightmare but impossible to find your voice.. powerful!

  7. Somehow I perceive a personification of a dandelion seed and fuzz, with justification coming at the end, “with song and seed.” Am I close?
    This was a nice write, Sanaa, making a nice read. Always alert to decode the movement in the episode.

  8. I am reminded of Ophelia in this poem and of how she must as felt before the waters claimed her. Very powerful — and potent reminder of why we should revive Ophelia and listen to her voice.

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